02 agosto 2011

Livro: People and Pixels

O livro pode ser lido na web ou também pode ser feito o download gratuito em http://goo.gl/oE94o

Capa do livro

People and Pixel: Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science. Washington, D.C, National Academy Press, 1998.

Diana Liverman, Emilio F. Moran, Ronald R. Rindfuss, and Paul C. Stern, Editors

1 Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science: The Need and the
Ronald R. Rindfuss and Paul C. Stern

2 A Brief History of Remote Sensing Applications, with Emphasis on
Stanley A. Morain

3 "Socializing the Pixel" and "Pixelizing the Social" in Land-Use and
Land-Cover Change
Jacqueline Geoghegan, Lowell Pritchard, Jr., Yelena Ogneva-
Himmelberger, Rinku Roy Chowdhury, Steven Sanderson, and
B. L. Turner II

4 Linking Satellite, Census, and Survey Data to Study Deforestation
in the Brazilian Amazon
Charles H. Wood and David Skole

5 Land-Use Change After Deforestation in Amazonia
Emilio F. Moran and Eduardo Brondizio

6 Land-Use/Land-Cover and Population Dynamics, Nang Rong, Thai-
Barbara Enwistle, Stephen, J. Walsh, Ronald R. Rindfuss, and
Aphichat Chamratrithirong

7 Validating Prehistoric and Current Social Phenomena upon the
Landscape of the Peten, Guatemala
Thomas L. Sever

8 Extraction and Modeling of Urban Attributes Using Remote Sens-
ing Technology
David J. Cowen and John R. Jensen

9 Social Science and Remote Sensing in Famine Early Warning
Charles F. Hutchinson

10 Health Applications of Remote Sensing and Climate Modeling
Paul R. Epstein


A An Annotated Guide to Earth Remote Sensing Data and Informa-
tion Resources for Social Science Applications
Robert S. Chen

B Glossary
Mark Patterson

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